• Affordable Parts

    Our part discounts are hard to beat! To help keep costs low we provide the very best shipping rate from Cessna with Federal Express and our won special UPS rates. All AOG and dropship orders ship every night until 5:30pm central time. Growing up in the business has made Keith a walking encyclopedia full of information which helps in those times when you're not sure what you need.

  • Hetrick Aviation

    Hetrick Aviation has been serving the aviation community since 1967. Our expert mechanics have over 75 years of experience, and our parts specialists have over 35! We provide you with fast, precise service, even on hard to find parts. Keep your aircraft in the air by calling Hetrick Aviation.

  • Fast and Dependable Service

    Nothing is worse than having and airplane grounded because parts are not available. We make every order a priority with fast dependable service so that your aircraft spends more time in the air, and not on the ground!